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Arebhashe” is the main language of Kodagu Gowdas, which is a dialect of Kannada, being spoken majorly in Madikeri, Bhagamandala, Kushalnagar and Sullia. Although Arebhashe is the main language of the Gowdas in Kodagu and Sullia of Dakshina Kannada, some members at Puttur speak Tulu, effectuated by the Mangalore customs.

"Tulu" (Tulu: ತುಳು ಭಾಷೆ Tulu bāse ) is one of the five major Dravidian languages spoken by around 2 million native speakers mainly in the south west part of the Indian state of Karnataka and in the Kasaragod district of Kerala which is collectively known as Tulu Nadu. It belongs to the Dravidian family of languages.

In India, circa 2 million people speak it as their native language (2011 estimation), they were 1,722,768 in 2001 increased by 10 percent over the 1991 census. According to one estimate reported in 2009, Tulu is currently spoken by three to five million native speakers in the world. Native speakers of Tulu are referred to as Tuluva or Tulu people.

Arebhashe News in Madikeri AIR

The news in Arebhashe is being broadcast on Madikeri AIR daily at 7:45 PM,featuring the Local news of Kodagu and various Gowda activities held in Sullia and Mysore.