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KDK Mahila Samaja

KDK Mahila Samaja -Bangalore

KDK Mahila Samaja was formed to work towards the betterment of our community women, to help one another and to bond.
The Samaja has conducted many events since its formation and one of the main events is "Matrimonial".  The Samaja has sucessfully conducted xxx matrimonial events and  was instrumental in providing a platform for more than 100 marriages.
The KDK Mahila Samaja ladies help  KDK Samaja in its annual events such as sports, cultural programs and main events.  They help with the registration, they act as good hosts by welcoming the guests, they organize good snacks, lunch & dinner as per requirements and have cooking competitions during sports event.
The Samaja ladies also organize trip to nearby places every year and thus help in families bonding together and having good fun.
The current positions held by ladies are as below : 

Mrs. Geetha Ravi Kevala President
Mrs. Vasanthi Palangappa Panathale Vice President
Mrs. Poornima Mottera Srinivas Secretary
Mrs. Jyothi Kushalappa Porena Treasurer
Mrs. Shashi Prabha Jt Secretary
Mrs. Vaishali Amarnath Sulliakodi Director
Mrs. Kavitha Kemmarana Director
Mrs. Gangamma Nerena Director
Mrs. Devaki Odiyana Director
Mrs. Radha Director
Mrs. Roopa Director
Mrs. Vani Ponnappa Director