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The year 1956 witnessed a significant development towards the southern part of India - conglomeration of the states of Coorg (also known as Kodagu) and Dakshina Kannada into the mighty Mysore state, which was later termed as Karnataka 17 years hence. Prior to that year, Coorg was a part-C state in the Indian union.

Nestled in the vivaciously beautiful Western ghats, Coorg is spread over an area of around 4100 square kilometer, and is adorned by Dakshina Kannada to the north-west, Hassan to the north, Mysore to the east and Kasargodu, Kannur and Wayanad districts of Kerala to the west, south-west and south respectively.

Prior to 1860, the present-day coastal district of Dakshina Kannada was a part of Canara district administered under the Madras Presidency. Bordered by Western Ghats on the east and surrounded by Arabian Sea on the west, the region boasts of myriad beautiful natural beaches, the traditional red clay roof tiles, delectable cashew-nuts and its products and other exotic cuisines.

Agriculture remains the main source of income for the people of Dakshina Kannada and Kodagu. Paddy and coffee are the main crops of Kodagu, while paddy, coconut, areca nut, cashew and black pepper are the major crops of Dakshina Kannada.

As years passed by, people gradually started to migrate to Bangalore for the purpose of education and occupation.

A group of enthusiast folks established “Kodagu Gowda Samaja” in 1964. The purpose of this association was for cultural celebration and get together of kodagu gowda families settled in Bangalore.

In the year 1968 it was noticed that as and when more families started joining the samaja, families from Dakshina Kannada were also invited for the celebration. The samaja was renamed from “Kodagu Gowda Samaja” to “Gowda Samaja Bangalore” which was again changed to “Kodagu and Dakshina Kannada Gowda Samaja” in 1969.


  •  Kempegowda Nirmana Sangha, a part of KDK Gowda Samaja was initiated and has distributed various sites for the members of the community.
  • ‘GOWDA’ has been added in Karnataka central gazette, which helps youth grab job opportunities.
  • Recognizing and honouring talented students and performers of our community.
  • Matrimonial meets are being conducted every year and helping our community in finding their ideal life partners.
  • Sports meet and cultural programs are being conducted every year to explore the hidden talents, as well as to promote the togetherness and unity of our community.
  • A standalone building in Ganganagar is an asset to our Samaja and is worth around INR 1.5 crore as on date.
  • Youth are being encouraged and guided for competitive exams like IAS, IFS, KAS, etc. with the help of Krishi Sarvodaya Foundation.
  • Arebhashe Academy has been established in the year 2012.
  • KDK Souharda Credit Co-operative Society Limited has been established in the year
  • Arebhashe has been added under linguistic minority list.
  • Pillappana Katte lake which is behind ‘KDK Nammane’ has been cleaned and improved by KDK Gowda Samaja in February 2016.


KDK Nammane is the ‘Saamskritika Kendra’ (Cultural Hub) of KDK Gowda Samaja. It is located at Laggere and it is surrounded by ample space for parking with a beautiful lake behind. It is available for social functions like wedding, naming ceremonies, engagement etc. The function hall is (dimension??) equipped with a furnished kitchen and vessels for cooking purposes. The main auditorium is currently under works and is proposed to be completed in the near future.

The building also holds a Boardroom and a boarding facility with 8 beds and cupboards available for use on a daily rental basis.

List of Samaja Directors for( 2015-17). 

Padmanabha Kolchar   President
Rajesh T S Vice President 
Gangadhara Gowda K   Secretary
Ravindranath Kevala Treasurer 
Palangappa P.R Jt.Secretary 
Smt Devakki Huderi   Jt.Secretary
Shanthappa Gowda K   Director
Monappa P.A   
Kaverappa T.M   
Ponnappa S.A   
Somanna K.K   
Harish D.K   
Padmanabha H.M   
Nagesh Kumar K   
Milan K.A   
Sudarshan A.S   
Smt Vaishali Amarnath   
Smt Shashiprabha M.D  
Smt Poornima S.P  
Gopalakrishna P  
Diveesh Kolchar   
Anoop Kariappa K  
Capt.Chethan Yaladalu  
Smt Nagaveni S.K (New)   
Prashanth Adkar (New)   
Rajesh Ambekallu (New)   
Balakrishna Ambekallu (New)   
Rajesh Kudupaje (New)   
Giriyappa Gowda Kapila (New)   
Smt Geetha Ravindranath(New)   

Special Invitees 

Dr.Chethan Chettimada
Vinod Appachu Yenkana
Chethan Kotera
Ganesh Kallaje
Rakshith Kadyada
Smt Gangamma Y S
Smt Latha Katrathana
Chidananda Thekkade
Viswanath Kalladka